MyMcDonald's Rewards FAQs

General MyMcDonald’s Rewards FAQs

What Do I Have to Do to Earn Points?

Earning rewards points is very easy, simply download our app and agree to participate in MyMcDonald’s Rewards. Present the 4-digit code before ordering, or get points automatically when you order in the app.

How Much Are Points Worth?

For every dollar you spend on eligible products, you will receive 100 points. You can start redeeming your MyMcDonald's Rewards when you have 1500 points.

Do My Points Expire?

Unfortunately, nothing can last forever. Your points will expire on the first day of the month after the sixth month from the day your points were earned. Plenty of time to save up for your favorite!

Can I Get More Than One Reward at a Time?

At this time, you are limited to redeeming one reward per order.

Can I Share My Points?

Your MyMcDonald's Rewards points are yours alone. Once you have your food it’s up to you if you want to share!

How Do I Redeem Points for Free McDonald’s?

You can redeem with contactless mobile ordering in the McDonald's app by selecting Rewards, choosing the favorite you want to redeem and choosing “Add to Mobile Order”. To redeem in store or Drive Thru, select rewards and choose the item you want to redeem, then choose “Use at Restaurant” to get the 4-digit code you can provide the crew before you start ordering. For delivery orders placed using the McDonald’s app, select your reward item and add that to your McDelivery order. Rewards cannot be redeemed for delivery orders placed with a third party operator such as DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Can I Redeem a Reward and Earn Points in the Same Order?

Yes! You earn points on every eligible purchase, so if you’re redeeming a reward and ordering more food in addition to that, you will still earn 100 points for every dollar you spend.

I Just Made a Purchase and My Points Aren’t There—Can You Help?

Of course, we’d be glad to help you. The first step is wait 24 hours, sometimes it takes a little time for MyMcDonald's Rewards points to appear in the app. If after 24 hours you still don’t have points, here are the steps for you to contact us in the app:

  1. Select More
  2. Choose Careers, Contact & Legal
  3. Select Contact Us
  4. Enter your comments regarding your order, including your account email, order number, subtotal, and if there’s any reason you think you might be missing points (example: forgot to scan)

Do I have to Provide Two Codes If I Want to Redeem a Reward or Deal and Earn Points in the Same Transaction?

No, you only need to provide one code. When redeeming, provide the 4-digit reward code (found on the Rewards tab)—this will help you redeem your free item while also earning points for products you are purchasing. The same is true for a deal, use the 4-digit deal code to save and you will automatically earn points for products you purchase in that transaction.

Are There Any Purchases That Don’t Qualify for Points?

Qualifying purchases where an active reward, mobile offer or promotional offer is redeemed will earn points, but you will only earn points for U.S. dollars actually spent in the transaction. When a McDonald's Arch card is used to make a qualifying purchase, you will earn points. The following are not considered qualifying purchases and will not earn any points:

  1. taxes, bags and bottle fees, and other surcharges or fees
  2. loading any money on a McDonald's Arch Card® (gift card)
  3. delivery fees for orders placed using the McDonald’s app

I Lost My Phone! Did I Lose My Points?

We’re sorry about your phone! Contact your service provider and once you have a new phone your MyMcDonald's Rewards should still be waiting for you when you log in to our app.

Where Are the Terms and Conditions?

You can access MyMcDonald's Rewards Terms and Conditions by visiting the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Terms and Conditions section.

How Do I Earn Points with MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

With MyMcDonald’s Rewards, when you download the app and agree to participate in the program, you get MyMcDonald’s Rewards, which gives you access to earn points to redeem for free McDonald’s. Learn more on the MyMcDonald’s Rewards page.

How Do I Opt Out of MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

Customers are given the choice to opt in to the program when they set up a MyMcDonald’s account. If you are a current user of MyMcDonald’s Rewards & Deals and want to opt out, here are the steps using the app:

  1. Select More
  2. Select Profile
  3. Select MyMcDonald’s Rewards
  4. Opt out of MyMcDonald’s Rewards & Deals by sliding the toggle to the left.

Can I Opt Back In to MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

Of course, we’d be glad to have you opted back in. Here are the steps for you to opt back in using the app:

  1. Select More
  2. Select Profile
  3. Select MyMcDonald’s Rewards
  4. Opt in to MyMcDonald’s Rewards & Deals by sliding the toggle to the right to earn points, play games, receive rewards and deals, and exclusive promotions.

Can I Still Use the McDonald’s App if I Opt Out of the MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

Yes, you can still use the app for Mobile Order & Pay and linked payment. Please note that when you opt out you will no longer have access to earning points, playing games, receiving rewards and deals, and exclusive promotions, but can otherwise continue to use the App.

If you are a current user of MyMcDonald’s Rewards and want to opt out, here are the steps using the app:

  1. Select More
  2. Select Profile
  3. Select MyMcDonald’s Rewards
  4. Toggle my McDonald’s Rewards off to opt out of redeeming rewards for free food, enjoying app-exclusive deals, and more.

What Happens to My Points When I Opt Out of MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

By opting out you will not have access to MyMcDonald’s Rewards. This means you will no longer be able to earn points, play games, receive rewards and deals, and exclusive promotions. All points and rewards you have earned until now will no longer be available.

Earning Points from Physical Receipts FAQs

an example receipt highlighting the location of the restaurant number, visit date and time, order number and order total

Where Can I Find the Receipt Information?

For the restaurant number, look for the series of numbers where it reads “McDonald’s Restaurant #XXXX” above the address near the middle of your receipt—this is different from the order number. Moving down on the receipt, you’ll find your visit date and visit time on the right side and the order number directly below (it’ll always be two digits). Lastly, find “Take-Out Total” for your order total.

What If I Forgot to Provide My Code?

If you’re enjoying your order and suddenly realized you never provided your code, no worries! Take these steps to contact us in the app:

  1. Select More in the bottom navigation
  2. Select Add Missing Points from Receipt
  3. Select Enter Receipt Details
  4. Provide the restaurant number from where your order was placed, the date of your visit, the time of your visit, your order number and your order total. All of this information can be found on your receipt.
  5. Select Submit

Why Do I Need to Provide the Receipt Information?

We request this information to help validate your visit and tie it back to your MyMcDonald’s Rewards account.

What if I Did Not Receive a Physical Receipt?

Only information from physical receipts will be accepted.

How Much Time After a Transaction Do I Have to Submit My Receipt for Points? How Many Receipts Can I Enter?

A receipt must be submitted for points within 7 days of your transaction, and you are able to submit one receipt for points every 30 days.

How Long Will It Take to Receive Rewards Points After Submitting Info from My Receipt?

Once your receipt information is submitted, it can take 1-6 days for the rewards to be reflected in your account depending on the accuracy of the information submitted.

What if I Am Opted Out of Receiving MyMcDonald’s Rewards Points?

Only users who are opted in to participate in our MyMcDonald’s Rewards program will be able to submit a receipt for points.

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