Meet the 1 in 8

1 in 8 People Have Something Special in Common

Over the last 65 years, we have served billions of orders. To many, serving means so much more than food. Behind those orders are the crew, managers, families and communities we serve. Without them, so much of this service at the the Golden Arches would not be possible.

Believe it or not, 1 in 8 Americans have worked at a McDonald's restaurant. That's a lot of people with the power to make more customers’ days than anyone else. That's a lot of lives changed with flexible hours that work around any schedule. That's a lot of people that know you can grow here or keep growing from here.

Where you start stays with you—and we're glad that 1 in 8 starts at a McDonald's restaurant.


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The Faces You Know

The 1 in 8 behind the counter may look familiar—they could even be your friends and family.

Thank You, Crew

Serving neighbors, as neighbors. They’re your communities and it shows in your service.

Why It’s Great Being 1 in 8

The 1 in 8 throws more birthday parties and serves a lot of faves to people from all around the world. That requires a lot of prepping, serving and learning on the job, and off. These essential skills can go wherever they go. That’s why we’re committed to building workplaces where everyone feels supported, has equal access to opportunity and sees a clear path to reaching their goals.

Perks & Benefits

Competitive benefits make this more than a job, including education with Archways to Opportunity.

McDonald’s Culture

People are at the heart of McDonald’s restaurants and great people make all the difference.

Join the 1 in 8

Become part of the 1 in 8 today—this career may just become your fave.

Important Note:
McDonald’s and McDonald’s independently owned and operated franchisees are equal opportunity employers committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Most McDonald’s restaurants are operated by independent franchisees who are independent employers, and set their own employment policies and practices, including pay and benefits for the people working in their restaurants. McDonald's does not control the independent franchisees’ employment policies and practices and does not employ those working at franchised restaurants. The benefits described on this page are available at McDonald’s-owned restaurants and the restaurants of participating franchisees.

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