Jami Guthrie

Vice President, Strategic Insights and Prioritization, McDonald’s USA

Jami Guthrie is the Vice President of Strategic Insights and Prioritization for McDonald's USA. In this role, Jami is responsible for the management of strategy, insights, analytics and planning resources for the entire U.S. business.

Previously, Jami was the Vice President of Consumer Insights for McDonald’s USA, where he led efforts to improve analytic modeling and insights. In this position, Jami optimized the Operator's National Advertising Fund (OPNAD) and local Field spending on restaurant initiatives and designed metric tracking that resulted in significant savings for the business.

Before joining McDonald’s, Jami served as Vice President of Consumer Insights & Business Analytics at SC Johnson, where he led a fundamental shift in global insights to enable faster decision-making and improve marketing ROI. Jami also served as the Vice President of Global Consumer & Marketing Intelligence and Integrated Marketing at Wrigley, where he transformed growth strategies for the company after analyzing over 60 markets to determine drivers of per-capita consumption.

Jami holds an MBA in Marketing from DePaul University and a BA in Marketing from the University of Northern Iowa. He lives in Naperville, IL with his wife Alisa, children Jake and Emma, and dog Millie.

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