McDonald’s APA Next: 30 English Text Description

Animation of a high school aged, Asian American girl smiles while she imagines all the impossible things her parents accomplished, like immigrating to the U.S., working hard, and starting a successful business.

Female Voiceover: Anything is possible isn't just a phrase.

The image transitions to her parents hard at work, creating a golden path for her future from their labor in running their restaurant.

Female Voiceover: We grew up watching our parents succeed.

The girl embarks on her journey with the foundation of her parents’ hard work guiding her; she arrives at her high school, surrounded by friends.

Female Voiceover: We made time for school, gaming and each other.

Outside hanging out on the bleachers, the girl and her friends enjoy their favorite McDonald’s food, listen to music, play games, and converse together.

Female Voiceover: We might not have it all figured out

Her journey does not end here; her path continues to the next opportunities that arise as she jumps down from the bleachers and lands back on the golden path.

Female Voiceover: —but we're not alone.

A variety of career paths unfold before her represented by a hospital, the scales of justice, art easels, a microscope, etc. – and the choice is hers – she will continue her parents’ legacy by forging her own path toward her future.

Male Announcer Voiceover:  With programs like APA Next McDonald's has been connecting

and uplifting Asian Pacific American students for years.

A yearbook lays open next to her on the desk and features many of her memories and future opportunities, with hopeful handwritten notes from her friends. She sits at her laptop with on the screen.

Male Announcer Voiceover: To learn more about resources, workshops and our other programs visit

The image swirls and transforms into the young woman in a graduation cap and gown. She throws the cap in the air in celebration of her future.

Female Voiceover: After all, we're not imagining our future...

The cap turns into an arrow that reveals the APA Next logo. Text appears in frame: Visit

Female Voiceover: we're deciding what's next.

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